Grown in live organic soil by trusted licensed cultivators. Extracted using cutting-edge tech into potent, resinous oil.

Respected for small batch quality & rigorous innovation. Believers and leaders of small batch production techniques adopted and applied within the medical cannabis industry.

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We promise to maintain a rigorous and lab results verified approach to developing each and every product within THE OOH WEE family. We promise to deploy small batch production principals which is a term associated with the bourbon- referring to bourbon produced in a small run of barrels. We apply similar principles to making our medicinal cannabis products, producing them in small runs with a high degree of care and craft.


Select’s Family has a product for you no matter what your tolerance or what the occasion. We hold your hand every step of the way as you discover the joys of THC and CBD vaping.


Ooh wee oil started out to solve a quality control problem that many refused to admit existed within the cannabis concentrate industry and most patients attempted to solve it via increasing quantity i.e. dosage. Our founder (J.D. Wideman) realized via certified lab testing that the vast majority of popular concentrates and oils we’re not performing or potent as labeled. He set out to solve this problem by creating a small batch process that starts at seed and ends at sale. Presently the experimentation and innovation has given birth to a family of products that are sure to inspire a loud ooh wee after experiencing our products. We aim to be a quality leader in the fastest growing, most exciting business in the USA.

We are obligated and have made it our business to source our oil from the top caregivers and licensed cultivators. Our supply chain is not filled with novice random individuals rushing to be apart of some green rush. However, each person is vested personally and entered the legal cannabis industry out of necessity vs novelty. Our flower is grown with the mission to serve patients and address real health issues from pain, headaches and insomnia along with a host of other health concerns.

Small Batch is Better

The production of our small-batch THC and CBD products involves the use of techniques and processes that might not be seen as “cost efficient” in a mass production grow or processor operation, though experience proves it creates a superior end product:

Our small-batch products contain only natural ingredients (i.e. Free of  harmful chemicals from pesticides, boosters and soil contaminants), so they’re better for you (and gentler on the environment, too).

There’s an element of hand-craft and attention to detail in the production that dates back to the way things were made “in the old days.”

…And the end products are of highest quality, and therefore appeal to a more discerning or sophisticated customer.

For us, “small batch” is part of a larger philosophical approach to the medical cannabis industry, where detail and craft influence the quality and characteristics of the final product.  In the same way you can shop for small-batch bourbon and craft beers, these days you can also appreciate the crafted quality when it comes to personal care and grooming products, as well.

What Makes it ooh wee oil?

we put every cartridge through 7 levels of quality control checks at our production facility.

Our QC team hand inspects each cartridge for cracks, leaks, and tanks that were not completely filled. During this Quality Control process, cartridges are locked away and cured for 24 hours before they head into dispensaries. This gives the cannabis oil time to fully saturate the wick and helps minimize mechanical failures.

Must be made in the United States.

Must be a minimum of 85% THC

Must be made via small batch production principles

Must be distilled to no more than 95% THC .

Must have Oil viscosity and THC/CBD levels tested.

Must not contain any added synthetic terpenes, flavoring, coloring or other additives.

Must only contain plant derived terpenes and the natural flavor and traits of the specific genetic strain.

Must be able to trace origin and handling from seed to sale

Lab Results

How to Use

On this page we have Certificates of Internal Analysis (COIA) and Certificates of Quality Assurance (CQA) — each gives us different information. The CQA tells us the ingredients, the date of manufacture and attributes (like consistency and color). The COIA gives us the potencies, terpenes, pesticides, solvents and the like.

If you look on the CQA, there is a line called “Oil Batch Number” or just “Batch Number.”  That links it to the proper COIA.

The COIA is performed on the underlying oil before the final products are made. A large batch of hemp oil will be tested, resulting in a COIA, and then the hemp oil may be split into batches to make different products. Each individual product will then have its own CQA that can be linked back to a COIA that was performed on the oil used.

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